Attend HCN’s Easter Drama “His Gentle Touch”

HIS GENTLE TOUCH     Easter Drama at HCN

Good Friday Night-7:00PM

Easter Sunday Morning-10:30AM

Come and be encouraged this Easter by this beautiful portrayal of how Jesus can transform your life.  The HCN Choir will also perform to compliment the play. Bring your family and friends!

His Gentle Touch Sheila his gentle touch bill his gentle touch richard his gentle touch bo

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War Room 5-Week Bible Study a Success!

war room wep2

war room web1 war room web3 war room 5

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WAR ROOM SMALL GROUPS January 20th-February 17th, 2016

war room grphic miss claraPrayer Is a Powerful Weapon!

We’ve seen the movie and we’ve laughed and we’ve cried. We’ve seen ourselves far more clearly than we want to admit. Now it’s time to learn how to do our fighting in prayer! To help us with that, we have small group Bible Studies starting tomorrow night, January 20, at 7:00 P.M. These small groups will last for an hour and will take place over the next 5 weeks.

It’s not too late to get involved in a group. God is going to do amazing things as we surrender ourselves to HIM and seek HIM diligently on behalf of our marriages, families, jobs, finances, our Church…the list is endless!

 The Children’s Department and Youth Department will also be participating in this adventure of prayer. Nursery is available. There’s even a meal available beforehand! It’s so easy to get involved! So grab your post-it notes and your Bible and join us Wednesday night!  Contact a Small Group Leader today: Marcus Whitworth, Bill Robertson, Patty VanMeter, Jimmie Ann Evans, and Jim & Rhena Stoy.                  See you in the WAR ROOM!!!


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xalt image




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Connect to Sunday School this Sunday!

HCN is a great place to connect to a group of friends that become family. A group that prays together stays together and supports one another and their family.  Connect this Sunday to one of the many great small groups that study the word, encourage and support each other.  There are groups for all ages. Visit this Sunday and connect at 9:30a.  sunday school logo

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jr high camp jr kids camp teen camp family camp middle school camp

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HCN Teens establish Community Partnerships to Feed Henryetta Children

hcn feedFor the next 9 Weeks Monday through Friday HCN Teens and other community churches have partnered with Feed the Children to bring nutritious meals to our town for the summer. Along with noon time meals the teens and churches are providing games and fun story telling.  It’s all part of a dream Jeff Williamson, the church’s youth pastor, came up with while dreaming about how to give back to our community. I am sure you will agree that he has big dreams for God and God is more than able to supply all our needs according to His riches in Glory through Jesus Christ!  For more information about the HCN Teen Summer Food program call 918-652-9608. Wow!

Feed the Children sights: McClutchen Park-Nazarene Playground-New Lake Village Apartments – the Henryetta Housing Development & the Dewar First Baptist Church.

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2015 Graduates Celebration at HCN Sunday May 17th

Sunday May 17th Jeff Williamson, HChcn graduatesN Youth Pastor will recognize graduates who have achieved a wonderful milestone in their life-completing high school or college.  Come and show your support for these students!  Worship will begin at 10:30 am!  For more information or to have your graduate recognized call 918-652-9608 and ask for Melanie or Jeff.

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Faith Promise this Sunday, April 19

Faith Promise

In a few days we will gather at the church building to apply the Word, worship, and celebrate Jesus,  alive and living within each of us!

FAITH PROMISE will be our theme and emphasis in the morning worship. We have invited God’s best, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Porter, to lead us in a greater understanding and celebration as to the purpose of Faith Promise and how it applies to our lives, yet impacting the world.

Last summer, you will recall, we entered into a short-term Faith Promise schedule to conclude this weekend. Now, all who will be participating in Faith Promise, will start  their annual Faith Promise schedule of giving and conclude April 2016.

Remember, Faith Promise is neither a pledge nor tithe, rather a promise made to God that one will support world missions financially throughout the year. You may not know from where the funds will come, however you are making a Faith Promise to God that as the funds become available, you will give. Thus the name, Faith Promise.

Faith promise is an excellent opportunity for parents, grandparents to teach teens and children this faith concept in addition to their tithes. Could be 25 cents a week or $5 a month. Along with the adults, children and teens are encouraged to participate. A person may give her or his Faith Promise weekly, monthly, quarterly or as the funds are available.

HCN’S FAITH PROMISE GOAL IS $ 30,000. All funds given through Faith Promise will support world missions entirely, including our missions awareness materials, LINKS and other mission emphasis throughout the year. Alabaster will remain a separate offering.  

Sunday, Faith promise cards will be issued. You may indicate your Faith Promise on your card. Do not sign your card. Cards will be collected, annual totals figured and the total of the Faith Promises announced before we are dismissed.

Dr. and Mrs. (Toni) Jerry Porter, classmates of Mike and Joan, were career missionaries until he was elected DS in Maryland and then a little later was elected General Superintendent. They have been with us before during District Assemblies held at HCN. Many years ago the Porters daughter was engaged to Philip Rodebush. However, one month before the wedding, she passed away. A few months ago Philip wed a beautiful lady with Dr. Porter conducting the ceremony.

PRAYER.  Faith Promise is a matter of prayer. Thank you for praying about your Faith promise and for a powerful, anointed Faith Promise Sunday.

Pastor Meeks




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Easter 2015 Salvation Story Drama

salvation storyLet’s worship together as we Glorify the Risen Savior Christ Jesus this Easter!


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Spring Revival 2015 With Dr. Jim Diehl and Marcus Whitworth March 6-8


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Feel The Love Event 2015

We celebrated what God is doing with over 100 HCN ministers February 4th at the HCN Gym. Come, let us minister together. We Are Community! Love Event B Love Event F Love Event Fam Love Event J Love Event Je Love Event M Love Event R Love Event SS Love Event St Love Event Um Love Event

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See You Sunday, January 4th! New Year Dreams & Excitment…

BLESSED NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS, I want to thank you ahead of time for being in attendance for worship this Sunday, January 4th. Even if it has been awhile since you have attended, it would be great to see you this first Sunday in January, 2015. For many weeks I have been in prayer about all things spiritual, in my personal life and for each one of the HCN and extended family. This Sunday, we will worship the Lord’s presence by seeking agreement for the dreams/visions God will give to each of us and as a church family. Not resolutions, rather, spiritual commitments. What may be some spiritual goals/dreams/visions for each of us? You and I agree there are areas of our spiritual lives in which God desires to use us and bless in more effective ways. Could be greater spiritual disciplines such as prayer and deeper scriptural reading and understanding of the Bible, to being more involved in the community of faith (small groups, Sunday School, Worship, community). As well, what are some dreams/visions God is placing upon pastor and people as the HCN family? Greater effectiveness of current ministries? Launching of new community ministries? Some pastors work with pastoral team and church board only in regard to ministries of the church. My style is one in which I believe God speaks to the prepared and that all should be part of shared vision and then take part in making dreams/visions a reality. When I say prepared naturally this means those that are constantly praying and are open to receiving and participating in said dreams/visions for HCN. Kinda’ see why it makes spiritual sense to have personal spiritual goals in order for God to speak to each one about dreams/goals for the HCN family, right? Looking forward to being in the knowing, powerful presence of the Lord this Sunday, celebrating His faithfulness and our faithfulness to His will for 2015. Grace and Peace, Pastor Mike

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