Faith Promise this Sunday, April 19

Faith Promise

In a few days we will gather at the church building to apply the Word, worship, and celebrate Jesus,  alive and living within each of us!

FAITH PROMISE will be our theme and emphasis in the morning worship. We have invited God’s best, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Porter, to lead us in a greater understanding and celebration as to the purpose of Faith Promise and how it applies to our lives, yet impacting the world.

Last summer, you will recall, we entered into a short-term Faith Promise schedule to conclude this weekend. Now, all who will be participating in Faith Promise, will start  their annual Faith Promise schedule of giving and conclude April 2016.

Remember, Faith Promise is neither a pledge nor tithe, rather a promise made to God that one will support world missions financially throughout the year. You may not know from where the funds will come, however you are making a Faith Promise to God that as the funds become available, you will give. Thus the name, Faith Promise.

Faith promise is an excellent opportunity for parents, grandparents to teach teens and children this faith concept in addition to their tithes. Could be 25 cents a week or $5 a month. Along with the adults, children and teens are encouraged to participate. A person may give her or his Faith Promise weekly, monthly, quarterly or as the funds are available.

HCN’S FAITH PROMISE GOAL IS $ 30,000. All funds given through Faith Promise will support world missions entirely, including our missions awareness materials, LINKS and other mission emphasis throughout the year. Alabaster will remain a separate offering.  

Sunday, Faith promise cards will be issued. You may indicate your Faith Promise on your card. Do not sign your card. Cards will be collected, annual totals figured and the total of the Faith Promises announced before we are dismissed.

Dr. and Mrs. (Toni) Jerry Porter, classmates of Mike and Joan, were career missionaries until he was elected DS in Maryland and then a little later was elected General Superintendent. They have been with us before during District Assemblies held at HCN. Many years ago the Porters daughter was engaged to Philip Rodebush. However, one month before the wedding, she passed away. A few months ago Philip wed a beautiful lady with Dr. Porter conducting the ceremony.

PRAYER.  Faith Promise is a matter of prayer. Thank you for praying about your Faith promise and for a powerful, anointed Faith Promise Sunday.

Pastor Meeks




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